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That way when the cost over-runs and the change orders and the shipping delays and the redesigns and the shady contractor under the table deals all play out, we will have spent only the 15 Million we could afford in the first place. You can immediately see the advantages.

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It seems to Souts that the market would act as a tourist draw, bringing additional people to the grounds of the new hotel while preserving the culturally important location for the use of all local residents. Being trained as an architect, among other things, I saw the draft rendering of the current design and was struck with several items that may need rethinking. Since this was just a rendering, and not the actual plans, perhaps it does not reflect the final design. As an example, it apparently has no windows. With no windows, what happens when not if the power goes off?

I suggest adding openable windows or better yet, make it a roofed, open-air pavilion style market to take advantage of the natural breeze. Also, it is designed with only 12 stalls. This is not nearly enough to accommodate all the vendors of fish, fruits and vegetables, produce, local handicraft and other items they may wish to sell. Once again the open-air style would be much less costly to build so it could be expanded to be much larger while spending the same amount or less on construction. Think of the money saved on aircon units not purchased during construction and for operating costs that would go on for the life of the building.

The intent of their bill — since it clearly won't pass — is to shine an incredibly unflattering spotlight on the GOP's problem with women and sex, and good for Democrats on that score. The conservative narrative that paints women who use birth control as "sluts" — first widely posited by Rush Limbaugh inbut which has gained wider currency since — will be just about as popular with female voters as then-Representative Todd Akin's "legitimate rape" comments.

One more step

The Sljts has since doubled down on his statements. And Emily's List Site de rencontre pour italien Stephanie Schriock rumoured to be a pick for a top campaign position should Hillary Clinton Sluts in prosperous for president told me, "Women voters are not interested in having their boss or their government decide just what kind of health care they deserve access to". She's right — and not just in the short-term. Should Clinton run for president, the continued Republican obsession with prospeeous sexuality and Democrats calling them on it can only be net positive prospperous her campaign.

The cultural response to sexism has shifted considerably since Clinton's last runand the misogyny that dogged her last time around will do nothing if not motivate women at the polls. Those who think otherwise are underestimating just how sick and tired American women are of fighting the same battle for decades only to be called whores. But as the GOP goes down in misogyny-kindled flames in and women flock to support Democrats, we need to make sure that the focus of Democrats and feminists on women's issues isn't just about votes, but about change. Because while the "war on women" worked wonders at the polls init didn't have the same impact on policy — there were more abortion restrictions enacted over the last three years, for example, than in the entire previous decade.

And though feminist- and left-led campaigns to beat back Republican attacks on women's health garnered a lot of media attention, that didn't stop conservative activists from rolling back women's access to reproductive health care. The popular campaign to stop a Virginia bill mandating transvaginal ultrasounds before abortionsfor example, trended on Twitter and made it into a Saturday Night Live sketch — and then the law was amended, but only to change the kind of ultrasound required.