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Evan cultivates such effortlessness; only streaks try too to. I reset, there are actually people who've done very well, last at Napoleon or Will the Middle. How will he can over the people. He is without might. I store layer to museums, technique parks, parks, street games, cards, etc.

A Lego building-blocks freak, he'd construct elaborate castles. He thinks he can do it and eventually he does. Sitting around just thinking great thoughts all day wasn't exactly discouraged in the Sherbrooke home, it simply wasn't a choice. There were too many other things to do. I don't think there was a time I realized, 'Hey, I'm smart. You live with it. But I don't think it ever occurred to anybody, 'What a nerd! In sixth grade you began to get the Potomac Princesses. He has this way of looking away as he thinks, and he does this, nudges up his wire-rimmed glasses, shakes his head, sighs, and acts as if the subject will Hobby sex sherbrooke away if he Hobby sex sherbrooke speak.

But then he pushes ahead. Talk to adults who were nerds in school, people who are now respected in their careers, and you'll find it was often years, sometimes decades, before they could honestly talk about their old nerdiness with humor and distance. Evan isn't a reflective kid, but nerdiness he has analyzed to bits. He's a philosopher of nerdiness. That was the salient characteristic. Very serious and studious. They knew they were intelligent and destined for great things and that their fathers had doctorates. Buckley archness to a goofy, high-pitched kind of exclamation.

Through it all, picture a comedic style that runs more toward understatement than exaggeration, and dramatic pauses accented with a raised brow, a thin, ironic smile and a bony right hand combing deliberately through his thick black hair. Gym is the worst possible time of day. Yet they're always nervous about tests. No matter if they know they're going to do really well, they'll study until the book falls apart. The nerdball is so socially devoid it's like he was raised at IBM. He's a bright kid, but he has no social faculties, no social niceties. I see it as social infancy, complete infancy. He knows his fascination with nerdiness says something about him, that his opinions are uncharitable, that being unpopular, being different, is painful for anyone, nerd or not, smart or dumb.

But even when he tries to empathize, he can't. In junior high, bigger boys picked on him, especially in gym. There were three thugs who'd swipe his sneakers and toss them around almost daily. Evan got mad and pushed one against a locker, which only upped the ante. It got so bad that his mom -- to Evan's eternal mortification -- intervened with a principal. At times like that, Evan would find himself thinking: His mother and his brother saved him from this great nerd pitfall, Evan says, by telling him how he looked to others: At first, it pained him. He couldn't stand mistakes. And besides, he missed being Evan the Answer Man. But over time he learned it was true: Nobody likes a know-it-all.

Today, classmates and teachers call Evan self-effacing and unpretentious. Oh, an old girlfriend or a faint-praise acquaintance or two say his modesty is phony: Scratch the finish and he's an "intellectual snob," as Evan jokingly calls himself. Even his mother laughs about Evan's struggle with "hubris" and worries that he can sometimes be arrogant. When Evan talks privately, he is short-tempered with stupidity. But mostly, he keeps it to himself. He has, like a Starman living among us, learned to fit into the world. He has even come to enjoy it: Gym -- not French, physics, chemistry or Latin -- is now his favorite class.

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For whatever reasons -- because his mother is outgoing, friendly and funny or because his father is droll and accomplished and athletic -- Evan couldn't bear thinking that people saw him as a nerd. And in eighth grade when Evan made Sluts in garrafad with James Mendelsohn -- a smart, athletic and popular boy who called the nerds Evan's "little friends" -- Evan bolted from the nerd gang. He decided not to buy a math team jacket, and he put away his T-shirt imprinted with Maxwell's equations of electromagnetic theory. He almost wants the damned C.

He has a class that he hates -- hates with the passion of a brash young artist who has outgrown his mentor. The class, Evan says, is a waste of his time. Not because it's too hard, but because it's too easy. Imagine that from your high school days. For Evan, it has come down to answering mindless questions for an A Hobby sex sherbrooke a class he despises -- for the sake of keeping his golden A-average -- or getting a B or a C in solitary, symbolic protest. In an odd way, that C also would prove to Evan that all nerdiness is finally wrung out of him: Because no nerd would sacrifice a 4. It would be Evan's way of announcing, "This is petty crap," he says.

I'd be ticked off at the C, but not at myself. It's the spring of senior year, time to get the hell out of high school. The place is for kids. You bring sick notes from your mommy. They mark you tardy. You take classes whether or not you learn anything. Finally, he can see an end to this torture, which somehow didn't seem so bad just last fall. In his mind's eye he sees another place -- college, oh college! The sort of closed-mindedness and imprisonment. In college, you're supposed to attend classes but they don't check up on you.

Let's say there's a paper due and you have a French class that will last two hours. You just don't go. You just sort of walk around your dorm and if somebody's free, you just go out and play Frisbee or go down to the union or whatever. You don't say a week in advance, 'All right, on Friday night at 7 o'clock, let's do this. It is in mine because I've been here four years. And I don't want to be here much longer. HE has grown more than a foot in the last few years, and when he went up and spiked the volleyball for the first time this semester, he had another of those profound teen-age revelations: His hands were above the net.

To be in control physically felt good. By the time he hit the floor, Evan also knew exactly what this revelation forboded for the freshmen across the net, those poor kids so short their feet still don't touch the ground. He'd sensed it for a while actually. He'd noticed, for instance, that when he walked down the hallway at six feet tall he could see over everybody's heads. He liked the way that made him feel. So he went to his older brother's room and dug out his chin-up bar. Then he moved on to barbells and fist pulls. Now let's be honest, Evan's arms are like spaghetti and he's a million bench presses from Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The point is he's so determined to be more than smart. His thoughts on why are once again sublime and juvenile. I'm glad I got taller. I mean, there are short people who've done very well, look at Napoleon or Alexander the Great. I guess I wouldn't have minded if I were short and strong. It's just that I wasn't. Being tall is an illusory feeling of being more in control, just the feeling that you can count on yourself. Suppose you're walking down the street and this guy comes running out to you and says, 'We need a sixth for our football team. Just ready for anything.

When he looks ahead to MIT, he thinks less of academics and more of getting on a weight-lifting regimen, meeting girls and joining a volleyball team and a juggling troupe juggling is his hobby. He'd like to improve his snow skiing too. Like an Olympic athlete, he sees his future achievements hinging not on God's gifts, but on concentration, dedication and motivation. He knows he's got the stuff, unless he loses his drive. He knows also that being No. As much as I'd like to graduate summa cum laude. I think that you've got to let your social status graduate summa cum laude also.

I meet this girl at college. She's very good-looking and she's on the volleyball team and we go off together on a ski trip, fall madly in love. And she doesn't oppose pre-marital sex. That'd be a pretty good situation. It would be nice to win the Nobel Prize, that'd be cool. I'd get to meet the King of Sweden. Oh, God, what would I like to do? I'd like to have a family, a wife who doesn't talk back and who is outrageously beautiful, probably a brunette. I always seem to be attracted to brunettes. I'd like to get money doing something I like, that'd be success. I'd like to win the 'It's Academic' tournament this year. We came close last year but we didn't win.

I'd like to win the national Latin Bowl, which would be almost impossible. We came in sixth last year. It's a kind of overachievers clubhouse. They're smart, hard-working kids with stratospheric SAT scores. They're all bored weightless with high school. And just like guys praying to get into a junior college somewhere, they spend much of their time worrying, as Evan says, about doing "strange things to girls' bodies. None of them wears a backpack stuffed with the collected works of Reinhold Niebuhr, not one would miss a date with a girl to take their character to Level 5, not one. Jon Schwarz is a sardonic wit who can keep a roomful of people in stitches. He's the lead in Whitman's spring play and the big news is that he gets to kiss Rebecca, beautiful Rebecca, on stage.

Steve O'Keefe plays basketball and pole vaults and is an artist with a portfolio. Evan calls him either "the artist-athlete" or "the dumb jock," depending on his humor. Rob Weisberg writes for the Whitman newspaper and is the resident boy Republican. He's a talker with enough teen-angst jokes to fill a Woody Allen movie. And James, the eighth-grade Oral Roberts, well, Evan says James is just the "archetypal yuppie junior exec. Evan does stand out, but not for his brains.

His buddies have all started sherbooke shave and somehow look older, more worldly, as if they'd already been living in a dorm for a year or two. If Evan were wearing the bulky sweaters he wears seex make himself look huskier, it might not be so noticeable, but tonight he wears only a tight, white T-shirt that sherbrookr his torso Hobby sex sherbrooke lean, mean look of a 2-by standing vertically. He looks sherbroooe young. Except for James, these friends are fairly new to Evan, a finishing touch on his campaign to make himself normal. Judging from the evening, Evan has Hobby sex sherbrooke achieved normal Hobbj teen-age status.

No, it's red-blooded American stuff, Hobbby the aex belt dex bottles of Yoo-hoo Evan's mom allows no beer to minors and do their rendition of Top 10 dating website uk Is Your Life, Evan Sherbrooke. It's some sort Hobny sexual energy. It goes on like this for hours. And to Evan -- sherbrolke and probably 30 years from now -- there has never been a funnier bunch of guys. The sherbrookr is the epitome of the nerd school, and Evan knows it. My looks are "in the middle". I consider myself to be quite ordinary, average height, size 10, work out, fair cook, own my own home, no kids, love pets of all kinds except for snakes, eeeeek!

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