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Similarly, would audiences cheer as a female version of these characters made their Michael Corleone-esque descent into amorality, booing and hissing their Sluts in fring husbands for cramping their style? It surprises me how little of our ongoing conversation about the nature of strong female characters and the writing thereof has concerned female villains. Female villains, like female heroes, have suffered for generations from the constraints of traditional portrayals of their gender in fiction. If the heroine is constantly under the shadow of the princess archetype, the villainess is constantly under the shadow of the femme fatale Naked girl young yemen the slut.

Amy is more than the sum of her parts, but those parts still bring with them their baggage and history. Again, she remains a fantastic character, but not one who transcends the baggage of the female villain. Justified, the brilliant neo-Western based on the work of Elmore Leonard that saw its conclusion in April, might seem an unlikely source for a female Gus Fring; it was very much a story about masculinity and masculine violence. Mags Bennett, played by Margo Martindale in a titanic, Emmy-winning performance. Mags is the matriarch of a rural marijuana empire, with her court including her three sons, idiot stoners Dickie and Coover, and Doyle, the dutiful eldest, who is also the crooked county sheriff.

Somewhat like Cersei, Mags is an archetype subverted. Outwardly, she is a take-no-shit but deeply loving, and loveable, country grandma, one who runs the local convenience store, hosts barbeques, and mediates local problems in the way such people often do in parts of the country where law enforcement lacks the clout to. The domestic as a weapon, again. Three seasons later, against all odds, the show gave us another Gus-type character, one almost as potent as Mags. Get out of this one [insert name of person who must attempt to get out of the situation here]: A phrase used to highlight how the person in question 9 times out of 10 a toothless simpleton has been well and truly beaten by BoB.

An expression of contentment usually follows tucking into the first pint of a BoBFest.

A decrepit and impotent old toothless simpleton. An expression of delight. EG Yay Finner's awake usually utilised after 2pm. Sluts in fring lady's love-socket only to be used following an unsuccessful FR attempt. Used to indicate someone's good fortune. The Little Baby Jesus - he who gave his life for us so that we may never go hungry after a night's boozing. Pita bread with tomatoes, lettuce, onions, chilli, garlic sauce and Jesus meat. A lob-on; an erection.

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I had a big lobby thinking about Copey A Ranger: A Rectum Ranger; a male who wishes to FR another male is that ok? I want to FR your sister and mother at the same time. Woke up with a raging hangover horn. Use them to avoid the dreaded KR Sluts in fring. Don't want a friny of the dreaded knob rot Sammies: Usually drunk Sputs BoBfests in Sltus quantity along fding many gin and tonics. Also, I think a BoB should define ferret Sluts in fring, as I Slyts knowledge of this Sputs is limited in comparison to any of the BoBs. Oh yeah, and cuntybaws as well. Usually consists of a couple of BoB's on an unofficial fest, shouting your name accompanied by the screams of 21 hot slags. BFB A butter faced bitch.

Slut with the face of a badgers hole Used to attract hot sluts and provide another reason for them to 'walk the BoBs gangplank'. When you tie a Broner into the shape of a Giraffe Broner: An unintentionally man-inspired boner, during which a fiercely heterosexual male achieves an erection or, "boner" for or while in the company of one of his male friends or, "bros". This may occur while engaging in all-male activities, particularly those which include feats of strength or displays of hyper-masculinity. A sausage jockey - see 'Ranger' above. A Leprechaun costume worn on BoBFests. Used to attract hot sluts and provide a cloak of invincibility.

Turd Flinger One who likes to play with faeces, throw it about, smear it on walls, furniture, prod people with, cook it and or eat it. See Langers Forum esp jungy. Horrible Nasty Little Man.