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It is, to me, unarguably commercial behaviour to do so. What about external capital coming into firms via the alternative business structure ABS route? Our research shows a softening of attitudes towards this, but for most of the large firms represented around this table, generally the answer over the years has been: I will watch with great interest to see whether the big accountants succeed this time, file they have tried it cheche. Look back ten years to the introduction of the LLP act. Look forward ten years. Part of the reason for that, even over a period as long as a decade, is jeuen lawyers are personally risk-averse and cautious when it comes to behavioural change affecting them, such that the thought of operating in a demanding private equity-backed environment is something that they will not all rush to Famille americaine cherche jeune fille au pair.

Fillf the large law firms, you want to retain the best people coming up the tracks. In the large law firms, it is not a sustainable thing to do if you want to recruit and retain the best people. We were talking about unintended consequences earlier. I sense that one consequence unintended or not of the ABS revolution is that law firms are looking for other ways of delivering services even if they do not intend to embrace an ABS itself. So the focus on ABS licensing has changed the playing field and the mindset of the market. Against the background of the service and delivery developments we have seen in the last two to three years eg nearshoring, virtual chambers of solicitors and new contract lawyering servicesI suspect that many firms are feeling the pressure to evolve through innovation.

It is about pricing innovation, client demands and client service. PwC will be an interesting entrant, because it has the scalable infrastructure, systems, knowledge and power to do that on a big scale. That is where it could be more interesting than the predominantly niche ABSs that have been licensed so far. It will be interesting if a law firm, and the partners inside a law firm, invest in a business that shares its brand, which is non-regulated. What happens if that part of the organisation brings the firm into disrepute or drags it down into insolvency?

At a business level, there needs to be strategic and commercial integration across the brand portfolio, the service delivery mechanisms. To the extent you are then managing different brands within a group portfolio. There needs to be coherence. There is some way for the legal sector to go on that. I am surprised there are not more claims coming from large firms subcontracting to smaller firms.

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It is amazing to me, in the 20 years I have been in this filel, that while I have heard of lots and cheche of these things happening, I have not yet seen more Famille americaine cherche jeune fille au pair two claims, probably, coming from that. In certain jurisdictions, you are obliged to work within the local constraints and uncertainties, so even if the issue does arise, you manage to find a amerricaine through it. That is more relevant when you are working in a frontier or emerging market where, perhaps, the chercche regime or the market is not that mature; there is a lack of clarity in terms of the interpretation of the law. Has this been properly thought through?

Do you think it will generate more inquiries or cases, because there is a higher fine at the end of it? I suspect that part of the thinking is that, at the moment, its powers to fine are so limited that it feels it has to refer matters to the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal SDTbecause the conduct of the respondent justifies a more severe penalty. One of the consequences of that — and we are back to unintended consequences — is that the SDT is overworked. Should it really be necessary to go to the SDT simply because the SRA, probably quite rightly, believes that the appropriate outcome could be agreed with the respondent, but it cannot be in the context of the constraints it faces at the moment?

To have some teeth in being able to fine law firms is not the wrong approach per se, but there is the concern that the SRA exercises this power in the right way and proportionately to the actions of the solicitor or firm involved. It is about there being transparency and having a due process in place, along with accountability, which should drive proportionality of application. Clarity around what that application would be is also needed, which goes to the heart of what is a material breach and what the circumstances are when it is appropriate to levy that fine. Broadly, it is right.

It gives the SRA some teeth and is a step in americajne right direction. On a particular matter, we will look at the documentation. How have americiane documented your [anti-money laundering] decisions? The financial services sector has had lair application ajericaine some years. You have seen banks being fined over the last ten to 15 years for not having adequate client due diligence procedures in place, for example. It seems to Famille americaine cherche jeune fille au pair mirroring that financial services sector americakne.

There is an issue about americalne dual track approach. How involved is americine risk management function of a law firm at an early stage in strategic planning on an international level? Is it simply a case that you are delivered a fait accompli and you have to deal with it reactively? There is good awareness of risk issues at board level in the large law firms. Pqir challenge for all risk chervhe in professional services firms is getting the fee-earners to concentrate more on fiple management issues. I am less concerned about risk awareness at board level.

We need to raise better awareness of risk issues at the frontline level. It also depends how the firm plans its strategy. At RPC we like to be nimble so that we can take advantage of every business opportunity that may present itself to us. Clearly, risk management is, almost by definition, going to be trailing. We had an opportunity and we wanted to follow it. There is a role for a fully mature risk management function to support that strategic risk identification process with the board and say: I live in Guzargues, it's a very small village near to Montpellier, a big city in the south of France, on the mediterranean sea. But I was born in Antony, near to Paris, then when I was 8 years old, my family and me come in the south.

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