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Download this Video HD Open-source - don't lock yourself in! Unlike some other media players cough, coughMiro is not trying to run your life! Here are some relevant facts leading up to Dao's arrest that were muffled by the social media hysteria that ensued: According to this passenger-taken videoDavid Dao was asked politely to leave his seat. He refused, saying "Well, you can drag me out, but I'm not going. In a page report, the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure described how, inthe medical executive committee at Hardin Memorial Hospital a hospital Dao had worked at "put [Dao] on a corrective action plan due to his disruptive behavior" and referred him "for evaluation and anger management" Airlines are authorized to bump passengers for a variety of reasons.

If you refuse to get off a flight at the airline's prompting, you are unlawfully trespassing. You're actually breaking the law. The flight was operated by Republic Airlines doing business as United Express. The passenger was not injured by airline employees, but law enforcement when the passenger refused to follow instructions.

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Employee xxex was vedio, customers were not treated especially well,and the company was mired in scandal. On the surface it may seem like nothing Www xex vediyo com has changed. Employee morale and customer serices is certainly improving. Fixing culture vediyl doesn't happen overnight. To be sure, United's handling of the David Dao situation leaves much to be desired. Before jumping to conclusions and engaging in social media mob mentality, we should gather all the facts first. What Business Can Learn It's important for you as a business owner to understand the values you hold as an organization and to communicate those values clearly.

Endeavor not only to demonstrate those values within your company but to align yourselves with partners that share those same values. Because in this new age of social media, if you don't articulate your values clearly or align with others who do the same, you might find someone else distorting those values in ways that are beyond your control.